From my heart!

Founder/ Visionary/ Chief Encouragement Officer

Linette leads as an Encourager of Hearts, a Pursuer of Dreams and Positioner of Purpose.

Hey ALL!!! Dreaming BIG is my thing!! First off…📣I LOVE JESUS! He fills all the nooks and crannies of my heart. Sweet Worship🎼, my circle of Christian Sisters and Dark Chocolate makes my soul sing! I am a Mama of 2 grown kiddos and a GIGI of 2 grandbabies!  I know right… I don’t think I’m old either!  I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE uniting and ENCOURAGING my sisters in Christ! For many years I carried a 🌱mustard seed dream in my heart to establish an outreach ministry for God’s work… it was a lot of blood🩸sweat🏋️‍♀️ and tears😭… but it happened! 😁and then it didn’t😳… more share if you get to know me. 

In the early years (shhhh…🤫too many ago) much of it was a lot of trial and error, and not much in the way of gaining support or mentoring.🧐

For the last 30 years I have helped to build up a several outreach ministries- ⛪️and now my ministry is to help others.  I also NEVER STOP 📓📚LEARNING! 

So I ask you, what is that MUSTARD SEED DREAM🌻 that you carry in your heart?  👣 Let’s walk it out TOGETHER! 😎

I come to you as a Mentor with a Mama’s heart equipped with a life learned toolkit as a

Mom, Chaplain, US Navy Military Corpsman, Certified Personality Trainer, 

John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Non-profit founder and leader.

I bring with me 25+ years experience in Outreach Ministry as a Speaker, Worship Artist, Author and Workshop developer.

My mission is to help you Discover, Develop, and Deploy God’s purpose in your life, ministry and community. 

What people are saying about me…

“Linette has a huge heart and love for God!”

…Linette has the heart of a Mama Bear and the soul of a Warrior! “

” There is a Holy Spirit, power filled giant inside this little package of a woman.

As one mentor described her: 

“The power of God in her does not depend on the size of the package!” 

Linette , gets me! She relates in a very real, down to earth, way that inspires us all to DREAM AGAIN, to LOVE WELL and to LEAD ON PURPOSE!

She inspires us to:

“DO what you can,

right WHERE you are,

with WHAT you have!”   

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