About this girl…

Hi there! I’m thrilled you are here! I’m just a little girl with a BIG DREAM… hoping you’ll find your inspiration within these pages.

    Linette’s Letters

    From the heart… words, letters, writings that will inspire you, challenge you and motivate you to be the beautiful YOU that you’ve been meant to be.


    Quotes, quips, scriptures and pic’s that will encourage your soul, bring hope to your heart and light into your world. One word CAN change the direction of your steps today!

    Heartsong Worship

    Songs from the heart of the Father flow into this little soul of a woman… These simple, pure, heartfelt chords and lyrics bring the healing balm of heaven and pour it on the earth.

    Linette Rainville

    P. O. Box 214 Buffalo, NY 14224


    “Spark Sessions”

    Monday & Wednesday : 11am – 2pm