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Faith in the FOG!

Sitting at the base of a mighty oak tree, eight year old Gracie pulled her knees to her chest, hugging them tight. Rivers of tears flowed down her cheeks as she looked at the thick fog all around her. She focused on her red plaid skirt and pulled it close around her legs in an attempt to keep warm. She didn’t mean to lose her way, she thought it was the right path.  
Somehow, she found herself here… lost, alone, and feeling abandoned.

Maybe you have lost your way in the past.

Maybe you feel that way today.

On some soul level you can relate to Gracie’s story.   It would be easy for you to replace “Gracie” with the name of a close friend or family member.  Maybe you are the one having to walk upon a path obscured in fog, with clouds so thick you can’t begin to find your way home. This morning, as I walked onto our back porch, my eyes were drawn to the mist just beyond the hill. I wanted to take in the picturesque back splash of autumn brilliance as I sipped on my first cup of dark, rich, morning brew.  Instead, what caught the attention of my eye, was the thick white fog that obscured the view of our valley.

Thoughts drifted back to a recent visit with a friend.  She sat at my kitchen table and shared some insightful words. “I don’t know what God is doing right now, but I trust Him, and I know you are going to be ok.”   
Those words of encouragement spoke directly to my broken heart.  I love “God Moments” like these. It’s just like my Papa God to bend down from heaven and give me a kiss on the cheek. He knows just what we need, and just when we need it.

When winds of trouble come, blowing over our best played “GAME of LIFE”, we look for answers.  I needed an answer. I needed direction, but only saw fog. That is how life can be sometimes. Troubles come and try to cloud out the beauty that surrounds us. But just like an overcast day, we need to remind ourselves that the sun still shines, even though we can’t see it behind the clouds.

Yearning to see the sunrise, I was up early that cold autumn day. The sun hadn’t fully crest over the hill.  But then as I waited,  glimmers of gold began to emerge over the treetops. I took in the moment, watching rays of sunshine break through the fog filled valley. Now, that, is a picture of “H.O.P.E.” – Heart, Open, Purposely, Expecting!

My thoughts turned to Psalm 121,“I lift my eyes to the mountains, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth…”He will not let my foot slip… He shades me…  He watches over me… yes, even now, even through this fog, my heavenly Father can see me, He knows my address, and He knows yours.

FAITH. It is not just about seeing, feeling, or hearing from God. It’s all about the knowing. Knowing deep in the “knower” of our heart, that God is there working behind the scenes, for our good and for the good of HIS purpose.  (Romans 8:28) God never wastes anything, not even our pain. My friend, EVERY…THING has a purpose under heaven.

When winds of trial blow the pieces of your life out of place, do you ask,  “Why God?” Maybe you can’t see any good coming from the situation you face today.  I ask you to allow the wise words from my friend to resonate in your heart as you pray and declare: “I don’t understand GOD…but I CHOOSE to TRUST YOU. I know that my life is in your BIG PAPA GOD hands, and I know I’m going to be ok.”

Heart to Heart:

FATHER GOD, my ABBA,  I thank you for your big, huge, Papa God heart. Help me to pay attention, to see all the little ways you show how deep, how long, and how wide your love really is.   I know YOU will NEVER abandon me.
Today, I’m experiencing one of your “God Kisses” as you speak this truth deep into my heart: “Come child,   I’m here.  My arms are big enough to hold you. I am watching over you, and you are dearly loved.”

Take this time to write down a word, a thought, or a prayer of what God is speaking into your heart right now: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Linette Rainville  is Founder and Chief Encouragement Officer at Daughters United. She is a traveler of life’s hills and valley’s, bringing over 25 years experience as a Mom, Outreach Chaplain. As a Speaker, Devotional Author, and Worship Artist her heart’s desire is to help others Discover, Develop, and Deploy God’s purpose in their lives. She spends her life, giving God’s love away.   You can find more encouraging words like this @Linettetweets and @LinetteRainville – FB, IG.

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